Software Implementation

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Software Implementation

Numerous organizations have embarked on the establishment of Software Measurement Programs as a means to make informed management decisions on how to improve quality and productivity. These organizations have met with varying degrees of success. Those that have enjoyed the greatest success have followed many of the practices Comlogic promotes in our consulting services for Measurement Program Implementation. Establishing a successful software measurement program requires the support of experienced professionals. Our expert consultation can help your organization implement or enhance a measurement program tailored to your needs.

The Framework

Comlogic's consulting service for Measurement Program Implementation is designed to help you identify and collect pertinent quality and productivity data from your Applications Portfolio and Software Projects that will lead to the identification of Improvement Initiatives.

Our Services

A successful implementation requires a clear definition of goals and objectives, senior management commitment and an effective plan. With these in place you will be able to identify meaningful metrics in order to design and implement an effective measurement system. Our services focus on all of the components necessary to establish and successfully manage measurement in your organization. Depending on your unique requirements, we can help you

Our Approach

The bench marking methodology utilizes proven techniques to statistically measure the output and quality of the software development process. The techniques used include function point analysis, best in practice analysis, financial analysis, defect measurement and user satisfaction surveys. The resulting baseline and benchmark comparison will provide your organization with


A major activity in the benchmarking process is the data collection and analysis of completed development projects. This data will quantify development quality and productivity and identify opportunities to improve the development environment. In-process development projects can also be included in order to assist in project planning, estimating and change of scope management.

Application Assets

Our benchmarking process also focuses on existing applications. Application size, support costs and maintenance variables are collected and analyzed. The resulting information provides a basis for an applications maintenance strategy, identification of maintenance improvement opportunities and valuation of software assets.

Process Improvement Initiatives

A major deliverable of the benchmarking process is the identification of Continuous Process Improvement opportunities. On the basis of project and application measures, we will compare your organization's use of tools and processes to the best in practice and identify opportunities that will significantly improve productivity, quality and reduce costs. Optionally, we can assist you in the planning and implementation of specific improvement opportunities.

Our Services

Our benchmarking service results in a comprehensive measurement baseline that will allow you to achieve your quality and productivity goals. Depending on your unique requirements, we can help you

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