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Web Development:

E-Commerce/ Web Portals and Web Software Development as e-Business has become the norm. We provide custom solutions on top of the MVC frameworks (Zend framework, Code Igniter), Drupal and Magneto . Comlogic Inc provides the custom web tools necessary to bring our clients into the global marketplace. Comlogic Inc. provides companies with the necessary tools to support safe and reliable payment gateways, streamline and create unified frameworks for electronic payments, create components supporting universal Internet payment usage and acceptance, while ensuring security through digitally signed notices, digitally signed encrypted confirmation, digitally signed and encrypted monthly statements, and provision of technology that ensures secure messaging. Comlogic Inc. offers clients an infrastructure capable of handling e- commerce, a customized system to ensure the integrity and security of online transactions and an outsourced transaction processing service.

We offer:

Design and Development of Enterprise Internet and Intranet Web Applications using .NET and Java Technology

Enterprise-wide Security.

Firewalls and Proxy Servers.

Public and Shared Secret Key Protocols: SSL, S-HTTP, NTLM, SET.

Design and Development of enterprise web sites using open source content management tools: - Zoomla, WordPress, Drupal.

Design and Development of Web Based Call Center Systems for Insurance Companies.

Design and Development web based extension components and plugins for New Paper Industries.

Web Based Reporting Systems for Oil and Gas Companies.

Administration of Web Servers: Comlogic offers administration and management of Apache, IIS webservers on Linux and Windows Platform respectively.

Tools and Technologies used and supported by Comlogic for Web development.

HTML, Java Script, JQuery, Moto, Dojo, Prototype, XHTML, XML, PHP, Python, .NET, ASP.NET, MVC Framework, JSP, Web Services, Zoomla, Site Core, SharePoint Portal Server, Drupal, Magento, Xcart.

Current Openings

We currently have full time openings for Software Engineers at our Plano, Texas office. Certifications and prior experience with Web Services is a plus.

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"Innovate Together" is our Mission Statement. Our Engineers improve Business Processes and Software Development Processes in continuum through innovation at every stage of Software Development Life Cycle.

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